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Capitol PhotoInteractive has experience with all types of passports. We try to make your trip easy by knowing the important laws and regulations that deal with passport photos. Capitol PhotoInteractive can take passport and visa pictures for all countries. US, UK, Canadian, India, China (To name a few). Bring in the forms and we can do it! Stop by the studio for a quick passport photo or have Capitol PhotoInteractive come to your office if your entire team needs updated photos. Please call the studio to schedule an appointment. 203.255.4002

Need to know:

Glasses cannot be worn

If you cannot remove your glasses for medical reasons, you’ll need to obtain and submit a signed statement from your doctor with your passport application.

You May Need To Renew Sooner Than You Think

Don’t take your passport’s expiration date at face value. Some countries have a six-month or three-month passport validity rule that requires your passport to be valid for a certain amount of time after your date of entry.

If You’ve Gained Or Lost Weight, You May Need A New Passport

If your appearance has changed significantly, you’ll need to apply for a new passport. That means if you’ve lost (or gained) a lot of weight, so much so that you look different than you do in your passport photo, you’ll need a new one. The same is true if you’ve undergone “significant facial surgery or trauma,” or if you’ve added or removed large facial tattoos or piercings.

Damage Can Render Your Passport Invalid

Normal wear and tear is forgivable, but if your passport has been significantly damaged, it’s time for a new one. Water damage, significant tearing (especially on the book cover or the page with your personal data and photo), unofficial marking on the data page (keep kids with crayons well clear), and torn out visa pages are among the types of damage that will likely mean you’ll need to apply for a replacement.

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Before you begin the application process make
sure you have the following items available:
• Proof of residency
• Proof of identity
• Current passport size photograph

Please call the studio to schedule an appointment. 203.255.4002