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What would you like your photo to say? “Our company is innovative and professional?” “My look is right for that big part in your production?” “Our special event was the party of the year?”  You want your photographs to communicate who you are as an organization, an individual or a family.

At Capitol PhotoInteractive, our job is to tell your story. We don’t just take headshots, snap pictures at parties and shoot commercial and industrial photographs; we capture the spirit of an event, person or organization and create memorable images that say the right words. Whether we’re shooting products, taking photographs of a family or on location at a mitzvah, we use our skills and creativity, so that you can make the most of those thousand words that every image communicates.

Based in Fairfield, Connecticut for over 35 years, Capitol PhotoInteractive offers a full range of photography services for businesses and families. We specialize in professional headshots, special event and mitzvah photography, family photos, corporate events,  and commercial, industrial and product photography. Our photographer Regina Baena Madwed has more than 20 years of experience.

Check out our Clients page to see some of the amazing clients we work with.

If you’re ready to show the world who you are through photography, a professional website, a new logo or a social media page, Capitol PhotoInteractive is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services 203.255.4002.

Capitol PhotoInteractive has relocated to a new address in Fairfield, 06825. Look for the mailbox shaped like a camera to know you’ve reached our studio. Visits are by appointment only. Our new location features an updated studio and a stunning lifestyle section, designed to provide you with the best photography experience possible. The photos above showcase these new updates. We can’t wait to see you and capture your special moments!

--- Visits are by appointments only ---