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In today’s competitive business and social environment success or failure can hinge on how well you are able to connect with your client base. Words go only so far in bringing your message to the market. Nothing out performs a well executed portrait’s ability to help you connect at a deeper level with your prospective clients. An unbelievable creative portrait can speak volumes. An image of you skillfully created brings you and your clients face to face like no other medium.

Traditional Corporate Headshot

Most traditional corporate headshots are of well-dressed and well groomed individuals. They give a sense of being an organized, structured, and professional company.

Traditional corporate headshot are normally taken in a studio setting. Artificial lighting is used to light the subject. A backdrop is placed behind the subject and come in various colors.

Modern Corporate Headshot

A modern corporate headshot is taken in natural surroundings. Usually outdoors with natural lighting, but can be done indoors, with natural or artificial lighting. There is no real structure for this type of headshot. You are able to show individuality and personality. In a world where competition is everywhere this type of headshot can give edge over the next person. The younger generation most often choose the modern style.

In the end, both types of headshots are good and there is no real preference. Traditional headshots work well for large corporate businesses. The look of organized, structured, and professionalism will make a prospective client feel like they can do business you and that you will be consistent in giving results. On the other hand, modern headshots are perfect for small businesses and social networks like LinkedIn or Google+.

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