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You have finally decided to redesign your website. Your website is the first impression a potential client will have of you and is critical for your business. Choosing the right imagery for your website is key. These images can be a powerful type of content that will enhance the user’s experience on your website. Website images help your visitors or clients connect and feel comfortable while navigating through your site. Your website photos should be custom and representative of your brand. With that in mind, here are the list of images you will need when launching or redesigning a website.

Hero Images

This type of image is the featured photo on the home page of the website that is placed front and center. It can also be placed on the top of each primary page of the website as a banner.

Product Photos

What you make or sell needs to be featured on your website constantly and consistently. Your consumers expect to know how a product looks from all angles before choosing to make their purchase.


Regardless if your business is a service or it is a product that your company provides, it is the people behind the scenes that make it all possible. Consumers or clients want to know who they are working with or buying products from. That is why it is crucial to include headshots of your key team members.

Service Photos

Service photos can creatively show off what you do. For example, ifyou are a realtor or hair stylist, your product is you and your professional expertise so you will use the photos to feature you working with your team and your clients.

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