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When it comes to getting a new job or signing a new business, professional headshots can make a big difference in how you are perceived by others. A headshot session is an investment all business owners should take into consideration. Below are some tips to help you plan your personal branding headshot session.

Do Your Research

There are so many different headshot styles and looks you can go for and each photographer will have its own. Pinterest is a great tool you can use for inspiration. Your photographer will help you choose what would work best for you as well.


Decide on where you want your personal branding headshot session to take place. If you are considering a modern or classic approach, then you can go for an indoor headshot session. We recommend going for an outdoor photo shoot if you want a headshot with a more casual look. When deciding on a location, it is important to avoid busy backgrounds and distractions since you want your face to remain in the center of attention.

Clothing Options

If you are not sure what is best to wear, bring a few different outfits. At Capitol Photo Interactive, we can help advise you on what would look best. Ideally, it is best to keep it simple as possible. Avoid bright, strong colors, large collars or logos.


Try to keep a timeless, classic look for your hairstyle. Both men and women should bring brush and some hair gel or hair spray with them so hair can stay under control.

Wear Natural Makeup

Women should keep makeup as natural as possible. Your want to wear just enough foundation or concealer to cover redness or blemishes.

Rest Well The Night Before

Getting a good nights sleep and drinking plenty of fluids the night before is helpful. By getting enough sleep, you will be alert, in a good mood, and be able to enjoy yourself.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can practice your facial expressions, by looking in the mirror and seeing what looks best. We will also help you find the right angle that works best for you.

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