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Blog posts, websites, social media profiles and accounts with images get better reader and user response than those without. One very important element to helping your product or service stand out above the competition is the quality of the images being used. Quality images will impress your potential customers and current clients.

Headshots For Profiles
A good headshot is still the rule of the day, but it does not have to be a stuffy looking headshot anymore. You still want a good quality professional looking shot, but it can be outdoors, or in more casual clothing than suit and tie. Many websites are choosing to go with “action” shots instead of posed stills. Your head shot is the first impression many people will get of you.

Photos For Websites And Online Viewing
•Make sure your selected photos neither clash with or disappear into your website’s background.
•Ensure that your photos are appropriate to the message or content they are accompanying. Show some scenes of relaxed, casually dressed staff.
•Keep the tone professional, but not false. Show your staff dressed in their casual attire. Photograph them while engaging in a coffee break, a company picnic, or a breakfast meeting, without all the stuffy suits and briefcases. You want your photos to be examples of the real you and your company.

Photos For Social Media
Social media opens up a whole new ballgame when it comes to sharing photos. You can expect to find posed shots on most companies’ social media sites. But you can also expect those candid, more casual shots because of the immediate nature of many social media postings. You can take action shots of employees working, taking a break, attending a conference, a dinner meeting, even sponsoring a community event.

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